Concealed Weapon Training (4 Hours)

The Concealed Weapon Training Course takes a total of four hours to complete. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is responsible for this program and sees to its enforcement. According to the State of Florida, Section 790.06 (1), a concealed weapon or firearm is defined in such a way as to be hidden from view of that of another individual. What qualifies as a concealed weapon or firearm includes handguns, tear gas guns, knives, electronic weapons and devices, as well as billies. Seats are limited, so reservations are made on a first come first serve basis. To become a part of the Concealed Weapon Training Course, the following individual requirements must be met:

*Must be 21 Years of age or above

*Must be a United States citizen or otherwise lawful resident (Proof required)

*Must have a clean criminal history record, including no Restraining Orders or other Convictions, including Domestic Violence

*Must make a Licensing Fee payment to the State of Florida, which is separate from the course price

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