Armed Security G Class

Firearms G-course:

The Statewide Firearms G-course offers an array of skills to those looking to dive into a career in security. This course focuses on firearm safety and protocol, improving marksmanship and target training, as well as how to clear a firearm should an unforeseen jam or malfunction occur. Learn to safely load and unload a firearm, do the 4-step draw and safety sweep, as well as identify when it is necessary to produce your weapon. Upon completion of the course, student will be issued a certificate stating his or her completion of the Statewide Firearms G-course. Once everything is submitted and approved by the Department of Agriculture, Division of Licensing, student will be issued a Class “G” Security license, you may begin to apply for jobs as an Unarmed Security Guard.

G-License – Security Armed Training (28 Hours)

It is only upon completion of the State Firearm License Class that an individual may apply to become an Armed Security Officer. With this course, an individual possesses the right to carry a firearm in order to perform his or her duties in relation to the security position held. According to the State of Florida, the requirements set forth in the Security License Class “D” Training Course must be successfully met before the applicant can pursue a Class “G” License. The G license must be renewed every twelve months. If the holder of the license fails to renew it, it may be revoked by the State of Florida and the applicant must complete the entire process again. The Classroom Training presents and approaches many angles of firearm use, including moral issues and issues of legality. It also covers firearms nomenclature, the proper use and handling of firearms, and emergency situation protocols. In addition, the Range Training will give the student a chance to practice principles learned in the classroom. Before applying for this course, make sure you meet all following requirements:

  • 18 years of age or above
  • A U.S. citizen or otherwise legal resident (Proof required)
  • A clean background check and no criminal or felony history to date
  • No arrest warrants or issued restraining orders
  • Pass a physical exam and firearm proficiency course
  • Already possess a valid D License

Note: Students who acquire their G License are required to renew it every twelve months by completing a four hour refresher course. Also, Range and License Processing Fees are not included in the course price and must be made to the State of Florida.

A license processing fee must be paid to the Division of Licensing. This fee is not included in the course price.

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