security school

Mozar Security School is looking to train well-bodied and able individuals concerning matters of public safety. We offer courses to individuals across all fields and professions, such as emergency first responders, health professionals, the general public, and so forth. Mozar Security School not only maintains high standards for its students but will train for situations potentially involving the use of force and firearms. If you are a Florida resident looking to serve your community, becoming a Security Guard may be the best move for you. Depending on your goals and outcomes, we have 2 different type of training to choose from.

traffic school

Everyone has the right to self-defense, and applying for a license to carry a concealed handgun is part of that right. However, Florida law contains additional provisions that regulate the use of firearm. In other words, this license does not permit you to use your weapon at will. Our courses contain everything necessary for you to obtain either your Non-Resident or Resident Pistol License. Once this license has been issued, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity statute goes into effect, meaning that you may have the right to carry your concealed weapon in up to thirty states.

CPR and First Aid

Everyone contains the potential to be of use in life-threatening situation and act in such a way as to prevent death or loss. By completing the Heartsaver First Aid/CPR AES Course, individuals will become equipped to act effectively under pressure.

This includes anyone suffering from cardiac arrest or choking. However, we will also be focused upon preventive measures, such as learning warning symptoms before emergency occurs.

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